Services We Offer

Free Consults


We provide free consults by phone or in person to help explain your insurance benefits.

***For any of our services simply call our service coordinator and she will set one up for you! Call or text 484-366-2144  or email

Educational "Interactive" Talks


Join us for one of our Educational Talks!

We pick a selection of the most current problems or topics going on in the Insurance Market to discuss. Our programs are not only informative but we encourage our attendees to interact with their thoughts on these crucial matters. Please ask our service coordinator for the 2019-2020 Talk List. 

Help With Paperwork


We help with the following types of paperwork upon the consumer's request: State Medicaid, applications for help with prescription costs and Medicare costs, insurance appeals and grievances, billing errors/denials, ordering DME supplies, and setting up mail order/delivery for prescriptions. ***There are other types of paperwork we will assist with upon request. 

Assist with Calls To the Insurance


Calling Insurance Carriers isn't easy! Sometimes it helps having a licensed agent/benefit consultant on the call to make sure your concern/problem has been addressed or explained properly. Who better than an agent who knows and works for your carrier!

Service Support Line 24/7


We have FREE service support 24/7. Our phone support hours are Monday thru Saturday 8-8 but you may also text or email 24/7 to have your concerns addressed. If we are assisting another consumer, we will get back to you within a 2 hour timeframe.

*** Service support phone/text line: 484-366-2144

***Service Support

Health Fairs/Expo Venues


Many of our agents/benefit consultants participate in local Health Fairs and Community Expos to educate and assist with questions the consumer may have. Let us know if you would like a list of our 2019-2020 venue activities "on the road".